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Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič


From Coffee Growing Country

El Artesano Coffee was born from a passion for fine coffee, we start searching for coffee with the perfect balance between flavor and aroma that invites you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. 

We started looking for fine coffee on the different regions of Guatemala.  What we found was impressive! Coffee grown at different altitudes, in rich volcanic soils, complemented with perfect weather makes an enjoyable coffee.

Up to now, we had found the perfect flavor balance, incredible aroma, rich volcanic soil but there was still one variable missing from the equation.... of course, the people whose hands and effort grow and harvest the coffee bean at the perfect time to achieve greatness and they are “El Artesano” (The Artisans).

The rest is history, we bring you El Artesano Coffee, proud of our coffee, we assure you will enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning or cafesito time in the afternoon, with El Artesano Coffee it's always coffee time.

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