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Well balanced coffee with nice aroma, complex flavor, floral and caramel notes, wined acidity, consistent body, and long-lasting aftertaste.

Arco de Santana  Catarina Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala Coffee Bean

Arco de Santa Catalina, Antigua Guatemala


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From Coffee Growing Country

El Artesano Coffee was born from a passion for high quality coffee. We start looking for coffee with the perfect balance of flavor and aroma that invites you to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. Guatemala is a country well known for growing specialty coffee but we didn't know how good it was... So we started to seach for high quality coffee on the different regions of Guatemala, what we found was impressive! Coffee cultivated at different altitudes, on rich volcanic soil, complemented with micro-weather creates the perfect recipe for high quality coffee. Once we found the best Guatemalan coffee bean, we needed to honor those experienced artisans who cultivate and harvest the coffee bean at the perfect time to achieve greatness and that is how El Artesano Coffee was born. The rest is history, from single origin coffee, we bring El Artesano Coffee to you.  We are so proud of our coffee that we know you will enjoy it in the morning or cafesito time in the afternoon... With El Artesano Coffee it's always coffee time!!!

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